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CFC40 is a non-profit organization whose sole mission is to support existing groups and organizers in the work they are already doing in communities of color across America. CFC40's theory of change is that anyone can have an impact in community if they just decide to lead where they are. By modeling this change theory, it is the goal of CFC40 to inspire and to engage a new wave of leaders to do more where we can, believing that we already have the power and the resources we need to collectively engineer solutions to the issues that we face.

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Activation III. March 2019
Supporting Black Women in Baltimore

Through partnerships with a number of Baltimore-based organizations, CFC40 will facilitate the purchase and donation of 100 care packages containing everything from feminine hygiene products, items for young mothers, and materials for girls in school Donate toward the gift of girl power activation

Activation V. May 2019
A Day of Inclusion in Boston, MA

Together with the City of Boston's Office of Returning Citizens and several other community partners, CFC40 will work to center returning citizens and their families for a special day of inclusion. The day will focus on total wellness, the importance of mentoring, and transitioning back into the workforce while also connecting participants and their families with a network of supportive and essential resources. The day is intended to ensure that returning citizens know that many in community stand at the ready to encourage and to support their journey forward.

Activation IV. April 2019
Heart 2 Heart in Columbia, SC

CFC40 has partnered with Love Yourself Always Inc. for Heart 2 Heart, a three-part activation in Columbia, SC to center and uplift adolescent black girls who are without consistent positive male figures in their lives. The day will begin with a self-defense class facilitated by US Olympic Judo Master Rhadi Ferguson followed by a special Heart 2 Heart brunch as the day's centerpiece which will allow the girls to engage male role models in candid conversation to explore their curiosities. The activation will culminate in the male role models teaching the girls how to ride bicycles.

Activation II. January 2019
Water For Flint’s Families

CFC40 partnered with Black Millinneals for Flint and First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church of Flint, MI to solicit public donations and purchased pallets of bottled water for families in Flint, MI. We surpassed our goal and donated over 1000 cases of water--in excess of 7,000 gallons--to serve over 500 households served with the much needed necessity of clean water. We charge you to continue supporting First Trinity MBC's efforts to provide clean water for families in Flint.

Activation Status: Complete

Activation I. November 2018
Fighting Hunger in Houston

CFC40 partnered with Houston-based Honor Humanity for A Seat at the Table which provided a group of single black men and single fathers still grappling with the effects of Hurricane Harvey with a total wellness reset. Honorees were treated to a homemade gourmet meal, complimentary grooming services, and communed with a team of mentors across industries to help support their journey forward. Click below to experience more from the project.

Activation Status: Complete

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